This is Ameda –
I’ve been a knitter since the age of 5, when my grandmother taught me
to knit (and design) clothes for my dolls.  I learned other fiber
arts as I went along, believing that there was never a too-difficult
skill to learn.  I also added a wide variety of other skills from
archery to weaving, building (I even designed & built my own cabin
in the Rockies!), woodworking, leathercarving, tipi building, soap
making, animal care and many, many more.

I learned to spin in 1987, and many of my designs are done originally
to use handspun, though I do write up the designs with commercially
produced yarn suggestions.

Having a wide experience with various animal and plant fibers is of
inestimable value to a designer, as the designer can use the fibers
chosen to suit the project and overall design concept.  And it’s
just plain FUN to play with different fibers! 

From Angora rabbit to Yak down, using natural fiber colors (did you
know that there is naturally-occurring violet cotton?), natural dyes
and some man-made dyes for hand-spinners – the design possibilities are
nearly infinite!

Enjoy my site – please feel free to respond.  I’ll be adding new
content on a regular basis.

Peace, Love,


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m a spinner, weaver and knitter, too and enjoyed your website and projects. Beautiful! I found you because of a search for using amaranth Hopi red dye. Have you used it to dye yarn or fabric? All I’ve found so far is that it is used for food dye. Evidently it is a very nutritious grain and plant, but I haven’t found anyone who has used it to dye yarn.

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