Feather Creek Traders Arrives

Hello!  Welcome to my design ideas and progress.  As I get things a bit more pulled together, you’ll be seeing many designs published here and available for download.  Some will be free, some will require a small Paypal outlay.  All will be fun, and I hope that my designs will inspire you to pick up yarn, needles and CREATE!

Here are some past projects:

My bedspread was a project that I created from my memories of a spread that my grandmother made for me before I went to college.

Coverlet patterns are easily found, but what I recalled was not any particular published pattern.  “Coolidge” and “Lanach Castle” were the closest I found.

Lanach Castle Coverlet

Coolidge Coverlet in white cotton

You can easily see the differences.  In doing this, I knit from the center out each square, then did three-needle bind-offs to join the squares into strips, and the strips into the whole top, using several extra double-point 21″ and one 36″ needles with point guards as stitch holders.  I then knit on the edging all around.

I really didn’t like the idea of having to sew all the pieces together, so I didn’t!

Here is a quick, super-useful knit shopping bag.  Plain old acrylic worsted becomes elegant in utility!  Pattern to be posted soon.

Knit shopping bag

Another shorter project was the Puzzle Scarf.  This was designed for a good friend, and is all done with short rows!  It was a lot of fun – I did this one on the fly and had it done in time for Christmas.

Puzzle Scarf for Christmas

The Falling Leaves poncho is an exercise in increases.  I’m thinking of revisiting this one in a lighter yarn as a lace overskirt, with cables forming the bars instead of plain stockinette.  I’ve been losing weight, so this poncho may see new life as a winter skirt as it is.

This layette set was a sheer joy to create!

Amy in her sweater, hat & blankie

You can see the double-point needle holding the side stitches

The mother picked out the colors of this yummy super-wash merino yarn from Lion Brand.  The blankie is knitted from the center out, and the edging knitted on sideways, like I did the blue bedspread.  The blankie can also be a shawl for mother, as it can be pinned out to it’s full size after washing.  Baby Amy’s hat was taken from a lace doily pattern, with the scalloped edging knitted on (again), and a ribbon laced through the edging to pull it in to fit the baby’s head.

Another view of Amy's hat

On my needles right now is this knit camisole idea:

quick sketch & notes for camisole

I’m knitting in a commercial sport-weight for my trial run at this one, and I’m working on spinning silk for a truly extraordinary final product.

Bearclaw bottom of camisole